How to Make Sure Your Kailua Kona Real Estate Listing Doesn’t Collect Dust

How to Make Sure Your Kailua Kona Real Estate Listing Doesn’t Collect Dust

The picturesque community of Kailua Kona offers homeowners and visitors alike some of the most extraordinary natural views on tap on the Big Island. This stunning town, the second-largest in Hawaii, has long been a hub for luxury living, tourism, and high-end real estate development in the 50th state.

Even so, home sellers in Kailua Kona might be wondering how to generate more interest in their listings. To achieve a successful sale, it’s essential to understand what it takes to find your ideal buyer in the Kailua Kona real estate market and show off all that your home has to offer. Read on below to learn everything you need to know.

Price your home accurately and competitively

It’s no secret that potential buyers are going to put a high value on the initial listing price of a home, no matter where the property is located. This rule is doubly true when it comes to buying and selling luxury real estate in a destination town as famous as Kailua Kona. Depending on your selling strategy, you may determine that the best way to find ideal buyers is to price the home slightly above or below the market average. Your real estate agent will guide you through this process and help you develop a strong pricing strategy that’s sure to get results.

There are pros and cons to either pricing approach, of course. A listing price that’s too high may sit on the market longer than expected, while a below-market price could end up cutting you out of potential profits that you could have avoided with better market research. At either rate, it’s vital that you work with a knowledgeable agent to come up with a price point that works for you and your long-term goals.

Deep clean, declutter, and de-personalize

When it comes to creating a listing that stands out from the crowd, you have to pull out all the stops to ensure the property is in tip-top shape. The best way to do this is to spend some extra time cleaning. Be sure to hire a professional deep cleaning team to tour the home inside and out and freshen up all your floors, carpets, surfaces, and more. During your cleaning endeavors, pay particular attention to any parts of the house that may have collected scents and stains from food, pets, and heavy foot traffic. It’s also essential to complete any repairs you’ve been putting off. Fix that squeaky door, replace burnt-out light bulbs, and replace that crooked door handle. Paying attention to the little details can go far with potential buyers.

Next, remove excess clutter from the space to create a more inviting atmosphere. Also, take some time to de-personalize the home by removing family photographs, personalized refrigerator magnets, political imagery, family heirlooms, trophies and diplomas, and other distracting personal items. The goal of de-personalization is to allow your guests to imagine how they can fill the home with their own personal effects and build a new life there.

Don’t skimp on home staging

The Kailua Kona real estate market has a reputation as one of the most prestigious and fiercely in-demand in the country, if not the world. Thus, it is essential to navigate every step of your home sale perfectly if you’re expecting to attract discerning buyers and keep your listing top-of-mind. Home staging is one piece of the home listing puzzle that you can’t afford to overlook.

What exactly is home staging? In short, it’s a technique of designing and organizing a property’s interior and exterior spaces in a way that will maximize the number of eyes drawn to your home. Before listing your Kailua Kona home for sale, it’s a great idea to reach out to a home stager. These professionals have the expertise to know exactly which features and design elements will catch the attention of luxury home buyers. What’s more, home stagers will work directly with you and your agent to identify the types of furnishings and decor to create an alluring space that’s highly attractive to potential buyers. With expert staging on your side, your home will be showcase-ready.

The impact of photography

Living in a pristine oceanside area like Kailua Kona, homeowners have a huge advantage when it comes to showcasing location. Luxury real estate buyers and investors value the prime location of a high-end home above many other factors. In your listing images, be sure to show off the beautiful landscape and ocean surrounding your property in a way that stands out from the competition. Hire an expert photographer to document every inch of the property and all its incredible details. You can even consider producing 360-degree virtual home tours, bird’s-eye view drone footage, and in-depth room-by-room listing photos that allow potential buyers from all over the world to tour your home.

Work with an expert marketer

No matter how well your real estate listing is produced and how impressive your listing photos are, working with an expert agent is integral to the success of your sale. Online and social media marketing campaigns are becoming par for the course for luxury homeowners selling property across the world. You want to team up with a trusted agent with extensive expertise in the field who knows how to get luxury properties seen and sold. A skilled real estate agent will employ a multifaceted marketing approach to ensure that your listing gets the visibility it deserves.

Get in touch with the experts today

There you have it: a complete guide to ensuring that your Kailua Kona home sale is stress-free and streamlined. If you would like to learn more about buying and selling luxury real estate on the Big Island, reach out to Mike and Kristi Despard of Hawai’i Life for the guidance you need. This standout team has a dedicated approach to your goals, offering in-depth market knowledge, top-tier marketing tactics, and expert negotiation skills. Contact the team today for more information.

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